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"hey everybody, got to say without a shadow of doubt the crew at nicks are by far the best bunch of people you will ever meet, Billy in the service dept helps me over the phone when he has time , he alone has saved me time and most important money, all in all just a great place to go visit look around and maybe find that one thing you always wanted rite in front of your eyes."
By: ronnie,hot wheeles    Swedesboro, NJ

"My Friend Mike P. took us to Nick’s to see his antique/vintage bike showroom and vast inventory of every imaginable part for Harleys. Nick’s collection of bikes, including motors and other memorabilia was like going back in time. We also had the opportunity to meet Nick. He was kind enough to show us around his shop and parts collection. I feel I can safely say that if you are looking for parts for your Harley, no matter when it was made, Nick has it! Thanks Nick for putting this one of kind collection together and allowing us to see it. "
By: Neal    Marlton, NJ

"Nick and J D are real good guys and very informative and helpful. Every visit (I'm there at least once a week) is a pleasure doing business with yous."
By: Bob Trike    Williamstown, NJ

"Used to live around the corner from Nick's,he had everything I needed for my bkies. Now that I live in Germany I really miss going there but wil next time I am in Jersey!!!"
By: herman    williamstown, NJ

"Nick I had the pleasure of meeting you back in 1985 ish. Two friends brought me there. Phil Pizzo and Frankie Bennadetto, two jersey boys. I'm about to get a large settlement and would love to do business with you. I have a fatboy in mind or something equivalent. I got some great picture of your place when we were there"
By: Rick    Binghamton, NY

"I busted my lower triple tree on my '57 Pan in a collision. Went to see Nick. He trusted me enough to take me thru his shop and pointed out where I should look to find a replacement. I was digging under a bench when he told me that I was done, get out. After about 2 or 3 minutes, he cooled off and grabbed me by the shirt and took me to his "other" stashhouse, told me where I'd find the part and to shut the lights and doors when I was done. "Take all the time ya need" he said as he disappeared into another building. After an hour or so I emerged from the gigantic collection with a part that looked good to me. Nick instantly point out that the tree was twisted and that the other that I found was as close to perfect as possible. His asking price was more than fair, and down the road I went a happy man. Thanx again Nick. "
By: Lou     Wallington, NJ

"Great guys. It's nice to go into a shop and actually have somebody know something. Nick knows his old bikes better than just about anyone. Not to mention JD gave me a different perspective on the "dual fire" waste spark controversy. I've been building bikes and stuff for 45 years. It's rare I hear something I've not heard before and makes me stop and think. The convo JD went to polyphase induction nmotors, 2 and 3 phase electrpower, Scott Connected transformers, and the history of electric power generation in the Philly area. Sharp guys, all around motorheads, and smart on a whole variety of subjects, not just bikes"
By: Joe    Bensalem, PA

"I added a side car to my Ultra Classic a few years ago to accommodate my wife's arthritic back. After buying a lot of parts to complete the project from the Harley dealer, the service shop mechanic chided me for doing it because "now he'd have to work on it from the floor rather than a lift - said it was a "stupid" side-car...Two other dealers didn't even want to see it, when I asked for service, said "these kids in the shop never even seen a side car, much less know how to work on them". Someone told me about Nick's mechanic, Bob Ferguson being the best...I went into Nick's and everyone said "Wow, that side car is cool...we LOVE 'em"...That's when I was introduced to Bob...He's the very best, most trustworthy mechanic I've known in my not-long-enough-yet life, and I've got more vehicles than most people I know. I wouldn't think of taking my bikes to anyone else..."Long Live Bob"!!!"
By: Mike    Sicklerville, NJ

"I want to say thank you to Nick, Veronica an the staff. They are good people. I may not buy another bike, but I'll be there for parts an service when needed. Thank you again for all your assistance. Dan"
By: Dan    Atco, NJ

"I own a Shovelhead, 74 FXE. Somehow I called it a Panhead! Shovelhead! Nicks is where I want to go for my next upgrade. See you soon!"
By: dan    highlands, NJ

"My favorite place to go for parts. Good people and great prices."
By: Laird    Philadelphia, PA

"I come in there to get some parts for my 74' FXE Panhead to look around and to meet Nick. My first Harley, but you'd never know it I was embraced like a veteran and got personal help and feedback from the man himself so I came out of there with the best parts/advice for my slick bike (built by Faultless Inc)! The best part was the price! That row of V-Twins up in the museum and the endless maze of parts was serious! Thanks man!"
By: dan    highlands, NJ

"I have a disability. Nick and Bob gave me some advise! So I could ride my Bike and the advise was free. They make you feel like a friend. You gotta go checkout the museum . If you need apart they probably have it ! Thanks Nick and Bob "
By: Anonymous    Manchester Twp., NJ

"nick your the best .people he will help u out an parts there all there just ask he has help me in the past I got a 79 1000cc an 67 panshovel the price on the 67 I payed 5000 years back the79 2000 so I do now he will help you as parts for the 67 4inch belt ect the bike took first place 3 times at hannums hd in pa all thanks to nicks"
By: kenny    ocala, FL

"Best business in the state. Hands down. Memories of me being a child here are strong. Love you guys. "
By: John "Alex"    Cologne, NJ

"My guestbook entry has it all but I would LOVE to spend at least a week rumaging around all of the goodies he's got! That and a winning lottery ticket would probably make Nick's week! Between Nick's in New Jersey and Truett & Osborne here in Wichita, KS, a biker has all he'd ever need!"
By: Michael    Wichita, KS

"couldn't have been treated any better, guy even helped me put my s&s accelerator pump back together. Museum was amazing, fell in love with the1940 knuck.....thanks and Ill def be back for sure. Wally"
By: wally    vineland, NJ

"I had stopped in to ask about some work I needed done These guys are very easy to talk to and keep it old school Thanks Guys "
By: Dan    Franklinville, NJ

"thanks nick love my parts I got for my 2013 superlow sportster. love my floor boards and other stuff I got . very nice to deal with. I have a new bike and will not go to the dealer for service just you.... I will need to go there if warranty work, thanks nick"
By: frank    cherryhill, NJ

"Long story here...have an '85 wide glide since new. I've done minor mods to inhance HD basic ride. Bikes was sitting for the past four/five years with intentions of getting back on road next year after retirement. Sandy hit and flooded bike up to half primary. This part Nick isn't aware of and kinda ashamed of myself, but took her to a well known HD dealer in South Jersey. They told me no problem fixing her. Few days later they wanted me to scrap her...man I was pissed wanted to hit the mech in the head with a hammer! Guess they wanted me to buy some new that s hooked up to a computer to troubleshoot cause their so called mechanics other than oil changes don't know d!@k. So I said that day "Nick will fix her"...sure as hell took her to Nicks and damn if Wayne didn't call a couple of days later and say she was running again. Wanna talk abut a smile...holy crap I was happy. So what I'm saying is if you got a older bike that your really attached to and need work done it's just a simple answer...NICK's!!! Almost forgot, I use to go to nick years ago (30+) and they did me right back then with my Roadster's tranny. The're the best and I hope the're around for many years. PS If you've never been there you need too! Upstairs is a treat and just the way Nick talks to you it's like he's known you for years. "
By: Anonymous    Forked River, NJ

"Nick is a walking encyclopedia of info about vintage Harleys. If you've never been to his place, you're missing one of the most unique motorcycle experiences you can imagine. His place is simply amazing. Like many bikers, I owe a LOT to Nick. He's not only been there with new and used parts when I needed them, he's also given me solid advice. "
By: Anonymous    Woodbine, NJ

"Best harley shope i have EVER been to,great service,parts,and a no bullshiy staff,,,,if i live 3,000 miles away i would ship my bikes to Nicks,,,no bullshit,great prices,quality,attitude,,,you would love this place"
By: glen aka- Spyder    manchester, NH

"Nick. Thank for all the help. You made the 3hr trip worth it. I will be back asap. "
By: matthew    newville, PA

"nick i was in yesterday (sat) talking to you about the 1940 indian i want to thank u again for taking the time to give me some info on it.not only didnt u make money off me ,it cost u lol hope u find good use for the seat thanks again joe"
By:     cape may nj

"nicks is the bomb as soon as u walk in the door u feel like family. any ? u have u will get the right answer any part u need is there somewhere at a great price."
By: SCOOTER    deptford, NJ

"i known nick for about 30 years now .from when i had my first harley.1976 to my panhead 1954 to my lasted bike 1998 fatboy, and all the other bikes i had over the passed 30 years.all the other dealers in the tri counties cant compare to nicks shop.so keep on standng tall my man and thanks"
By: carmen    clementon, NJ

"Just bought a johnny pag. Joe is a great salesman and a super person. He is very helpful. Hope everyone who works with him, appreciates his dedication! Thanx Joe....Scott"
By: Scott    Blue Anchor, NJ

"I would like to thank Bob Ferguson for his excellent service on my 96 heritage. Bob was very detail mechanic. Bob took his time in explaining what did to my bike. Also what to keep my eye on. So i don`t have trouble out on the road. Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!"
By: Tim    medford, NJ

"If trust and good people are what you are looking for then you found your shop . It was such a pleasure to walk in to a place where they did not know me from Adam but genuinely cared and seemed to appreciate my business. The fact that this is the first time I ever took the time to comment on my experience at 40 yrs old should say tons for how good my experience was! "
By: Phil     Hamilton , NJ

"Very good shop,lots off parts!!! And a genuine interest for bikes.Long time since I was in a shop similar to this. Many shops are just t-shirts ,NOT HERE.EXCELLENT!!"
By: John-otto    Lidhult Sweden

"me n my brother and friends started rollin up there 30 years ago....place ta go for hard to find stuff and any other thing we needed f rom parts to enginine ,tranny,n frame work,nicks a great guy and can help ya with any thing at all...."
By: Harry    Hammonton, NJ

"Have been coming to Nick's for over 3 years now. I am treated like one of the staff. A great selection of anything you need for your bike. Why go anywhere else? If you are like me and not mechanically inclined to work on your bike(I tried something on my own once) they will tell you "Tony" your not allowed to fix your bike! "Just ride it"!"
By: Tony    Williamstown, NJ

"nick backed his service up with action not words.there is nothing more important than trust in your bike shop and mechanic when your life is one the line.thank you nick,bob and junior. "
By: pat    gloucester city, NJ

"Nick, JR and JD hook me up for my wide gide front end. This is the only place I'll shop/trade for parts. Thanks guys"
By: AJ    shamong, NJ

"I HAD my Shovel Head at another shop for OVER 2 years and finally gave up on them. I came into you place with boxes and buckets full of parts. Your people are restoring that bike in record time, as only true pro's can, and it is coming out so perfect that I am now planning on putting it in shows when comleted. It's about half way finished and I am already HIGHLY impressed."
By: Hector Jr.    Vineland, NJ

"i purchased a new front tire for my trike from another Harley shop and it wore out in 2 months they said they would not fix it i came to you guys which i should have done first purchased a tire and it still looks new after a year of riding THANKS GUYS Never again will i go anywhere else for my bike needs "

"I sold my '05 bagger through Nick's. I would highly recommend this dealership for any of your riding needs. Great people to deal with, knowledgeable and friendly. They are old school not like some of the dealerships that just want to sell you a golf shirt with a logo on it. They remember when it was about motorcycles not a fricking fashion show. For my needs in the future they will be the ones I deal with. Thanks to Nick, his wife, daughter and staff. Be safe and ride free."
By: Bill    Clementon, NJ

"Good place to come and get what you need , Good people , nice collection of old bikes, you don't see these bikes around no more. Thanks Nick "
By: Tom     Colonia, NJ

"Bought a bike from Nick about 15 years ago and been buying misc parts from his shop going back to 1986. Moved to South Florida a few years back and wish there was a place down here which provides the service and experience that Nicks does. "
By: Jimmy    Coral Springs, FL

"Hi Nick, Excellent seeing you again and always a pleasure! Thanks for being the way you are! Take Care! Dave Dykema"
By: Super Dave    pepin, WI

"The place to go for old & newer parts! Thanks!"
By: Chrissy    Mullica Hill, NJ

"Recently visited your shop and The Muth's Antiques Museum with my friend Robin. Absolutely amazing experience!"
By: Tatjana    Maspeth, NY

"Great place Nick! Thanks for everything."
By: Fred    Bridgeton, NJ

"Dealt with Nick a few times on used parts, good to deal with. Will continue to do business with him & his shop. He has a VAST knowledge of his mega inventory of parts & even better knowledge of older bikes."
By: Rick    Alloway, NJ

"I was at Nicks yesterday looking for my first bike, and was SO confused. Just want to thank Nick for taking so much time out of his busy schedule to help me with questions and show me the bikes which would be suited for me. The museum was fantastic! Thanks!"
By: Kelly    Mays Landing, NJ

"Nick, Thanks for showing me around your place the other day. Great Bike Shop!!!"
By: Ken    Atlantic City, NJ

"Good source for Harley parts . . ."
By: Gary    Fort Bragg, CA

"I like your artical in Thunder Press, Good stock & Good prices!"
By: Doug    Cecil, WI

"Just want to say you have great service, I came in with broke forks and you guys fixed them right away. Best service at a bike shop ever! I will be back to check out the showroom. Thanks!"
By: Dave    Williamstown, NJ

"I saw you guys at the Burlington NJ Bike Night. I really like the Spyder 300 you had there."
By: Sabine    Eastampton, NJ

"I have two early 70's sprints and would like to begin to rebuild them with my son. I am going to bring my son down to the coops next week. I made my first journy to Nicks when I was only 16! (my son's age now), See you soon!"
By: Jerry    Gloucester City, NJ

"It's been years since I've been to Nicks. I really need to get back east for a visit. Keep up the good work!"
By: Bill    Paoli, OK

"The best information I've found I found here at Nicks. Keep going, Thank you! "
By: Leonard    Tirgu Mures, AL

"Nick you old goat ....I went to Florida for a few years. Good to see buisiness is looking great! Thought you would be on some tropical island by now. God Bless brother"
By: Thomas    Westville, NJ

By: Skip    Little Egg Harbor, NJ

"I visit Nicks whenever I need a part, Nick has never steered me wrong! Thanks for everything!"
By: Matt    Franklinville, NJ

"Thanks to Nick and Joe for all the help in finding me a set of Electra-Glide Fender emblems. The t-shirts were a great hit with the guys! "
By: John    Edmonton, AL

"I wanted to thank Nick for taking the time to help me get started on my first build, He was able to answer almost all of the questions I needed answers to just by just talking to me and giving me suggestions, and then explaining why!! When i left i felt like he was just as excited as i was. I finished the bike and I'm going to ride it down there. I cant wait !! Could not have done it with out you! THANK YOU NICK!!!!!!"
By: Richard    Belleville, NJ

"Thanks for the tour upstairs of the Antiques Museum. Awesome collection, Nick!"
By: Hezakiah    Philadelphia, PA

"I live in Lancaster County and been at your place many times. Great place!"
By: Dennis    Honey Brook, PA

"After talking to you on the phone in need of a part for a customer of mine in Philly . . . . I just had to thank you on here. It was nice to find a shop that was more than willing to help out a guy from another state . Best of luck to you all! Anytime you need something from Ohio just ring my phone. Thank you! ---Dee"
By: Dee    Atwater, OH

"What a store! . . . . and the staff is outstanding!"
By: Roderick    Philadelphia, PA

"I have been to your shop and really enjoyed all your bike's. I met Jr. he was very helpful. Thank you!"
By: Brian    Somerdale, NJ